creative Education

We strive to drive education further

EduChange is dedicated to helping schools in China reach their potential in these exciting times. As China arises to become the largest economy and the driver of global growth, the traditional education system of the country faces new challenges to prepare students for the 21st century. EduChange is committed to helping Chinese private and public schools teach their students to thrive in this ever changing world.

A key part of our mission is to re-imagine what education is—with a bias toward innovation and introducing new models of learning. The concept of school-based learning in China has begun a transformation – curricula are being introduced from Europe and the US, technology is showing its potential to liberate the classroom and the role of teachers is becoming more dynamic.

The traditional notion of “school” — classrooms and instructors, schedules and textbooks, papers and tests, students and grades— are being reassessed across the globe. EduChange works to support the growth of these new concepts in China by working with leading education partners both inside China and around the world.

EduChange seeks to build upon the great Chinese Confucian traditions of honoring education and of nurturing a deep respect for teachers. How best can digital learning, non-native curricula and new approaches to learning enrich this culture and tradition of education … that is our focus.